Why Happiness Starts with a P: An introduction to School Success at Schoolrunner

“Passion is first on our list, because without passion for our mission, success isn’t possible.”

When I first started with Schoolrunner in May 2014, as Employee #4, I was not a start-up customer service expert. While I was excited about what we do and how we do it, I came in with a mindset that a lack of knowledge around traditional customer service processes would be a weakness. I turned out to be wrong – As we began to craft our own way of supporting the schools we work with, we were able to look at these problems with fresh eyes.

Human Hand, Teamwork, People.
We quickly realized that our schools saw us as partners and we viewed them much the same way. These partnerships became our greatest asset! With this new insight, our small but mighty team was able to navigate past the doldrums of edtech customer service and set sail building the Happiness Model based on our passion for what we do.

At Schoolrunner we call everything and anything that contributes to the overall satisfaction of our school partners ‘Happiness’. This touches everything we do! We devised our 4 core values (Passion, Accountability, Communication, and Teamwork) in a memorable all-hands meeting and then applied each of these to the way that we approach supporting our school partners.

Passion is first on our list, because without passion for our mission, success isn’t possible. Our partner schools are nothing if not passionate about their mission to shape successful students using the most effective teaching strategies, and eventually guide these students to college.

We work each day at Schoolrunner Headquarters to match their passion with our own for data-informed teaching. We know data provides insights that can change the way that schools do business.

Data Analytics Chart Performance Pattern Statistics Information Concept
Using charts to visualize data analytics

Many of our schools use student data to create a ‘Data Day’, a day in which they completely rearrange student schedules based on the insights our school data management tool provides. That kind of iterative action takes passion, and our data supports that transformation. No wonder we’re passionate.

If you enjoyed Part 1 of our Happiness Model (which we call PACT – an acronym describing the core values that define us as a team here at Schoolrunner), you might want to check out Core Value #2: Accountability: Why It’s Vital in Educational Technology, and then head on to our Core Value #3: Communication. Last but not least comes Core Value #4: Teamwork!


Beth S.

Client Communications Specialist & School Happiness Coordinator at Schoolrunner