What Are Your Kids’ Media Habits?

Here at Schoolrunner, we love data visualizations. Sometimes in our internet travels we come across some really great ones, so we figure – why pass up an opportunity to share the knowledge? Hope you enjoy!

Little Suzy’s at it again. It seems that every time you turn your head, her head is buried in her tablet, or glued to the tv, or her earphones are jammed into her ears, and you have no idea what she’s mainlining into that little head of hers!

It can be difficult as a parent to keep track of what your kids are doing online, or even how much time they spend consuming and/or interacting with media in general. Having a clue about their media habits – if only just an idea about what kind of information your kids are choosing to take in – can be a great way to get to know them better. Finding out what these habits are and using the insights to steer them in a positive learning – and life – direction can be also be a helpful way to step up your parental involvement.

Common Sense Media’s infographic on teen and tween media use can help you open up a discourse with your kids about their information intake. If you’ve ever wondered what kids do online or how long they spend listening to music, or playing videos, then take a look below:

CS_MediaCensusInfo_complete (1)



Every day is data day!

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