Trends & Student Data Strategies during Hybrid Learning: Part 2

In part 2 of our Trends & Student Data Strategies during Hybrid Learning post, you’ll hear about creative approaches to understanding engagement, how schools are using a health tracker to get a snapshot of student health before the school day starts, and one strategy for tracking learning gaps and responding with interventions and tutoring. 

Trend #4 Schools are thinking creatively about how to understand student engagement in hybrid learning

Key thoughts from the clip:

  • KIPP Albany focused on tracking what percentage of assignments that students are being assigned, are they returning?
  • Where do we have disengaged students? Where do I have a classroom where a lot of kids aren’t turning in work for that class?
  • Work completion could be an early indicator that students aren’t engaged with the material of a class 

Trend #5 Schools are breaking down their data with an increased focus on unique groups to ensure progress for all students

Key thoughts from the clip:

  • Increased focus on ensuring that there are equitable systems and structures in place to differentiate the supports needed by all students and schools 
  • Charlie references an example of a school that looks at student mastery by standard for students with IEPs 
  • How can schools use data to ensure they are living up to their mission?

Trend #6 Schools are thinking about how to most effectively identify and respond to learning gaps

Key thoughts from the clip: 

  • Schools are trying to identify students with learning gaps who may be disengaged in some or all classes  
  • Lake County School District has identified missed work and learning gaps then tracked, communicated, and monitored tutoring interventions
  • Schools are needing to be more systematic and proactive based on the increased prevalence of disengagement and missed work 

As you’re thinking about trends in your school, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about student data strategies. Drop us a line at 

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