Trends & Student Data Strategies during Hybrid Learning: Part 1

This week we’re highlighting some trends across schools after a year of asynchronous and hybrid learning. Many of our school partners had elements of these structures and operations prior to the pandemic but had to quickly adjust the way they worked in a virtual environment based on the data they were seeing.

In part 1 of this post, we’ll share some trends and student data strategies around communication home, attendance tracking, and maintaining school culture.

Trend #1: School leaders placed higher importance on regular communication home to parents/guardians

Key thoughts from the clip:

  • Educators logged 2.8 times more calls home than before the pandemic 
  • With increased calling, schools are considering how this information is shared across the school. What systems are in place to improve efficiency and transparency?
  • How can schools leverage relationships, like siblings, to more efficiently communicate with families? 

Trend #2: More schools recognized the importance of tracking class attendance in addition to daily attendance

Key thoughts from the clip:

  • Last spring, the staff at Digital Pioneers Academy tracked and analyzed daily and class attendance during remote learning
  • Class attendance was significantly better in the morning than in the afternoon
  • They made changes to their schedule for fall to prioritize the most important subjects in the morning 
  • What data can schools easily collect and analyze? How can this data be used to improve systems within the school?

Trend #3: Keeping school culture strong and consistent during hybrid and remote learning requires changes and creativity

Key thoughts from the clip:

  • Schools have been thinking about how to maintain their culture during hybrid and remote learning
  • Charlie shares some creative strategies schools are employing to maintain their culture
  • Capitol High School in Baton Rouge tracked the ratio of positive to negative phone calls home to ensure that parents were receiving 3x as much positive as constructive feedback
  • What are our school culture goals and how are we living up to the model we have set out for our school?

In part 2, we will share trends around creative approaches to understanding engagement, the increased use of daily health screeners, and using student data to identify learning gaps and provide interventions. 

Are there trends you’re seeing in your school that you’d like to discuss? Drop us a line at


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