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Creating a School Culture that Makes Kids Want to Return

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Love, Founding Dean of Culture at our partner school Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis, and was thrilled to learn more about Vanguard’s success using Schoolrunner to promote a positive school culture.  As he reflected on what’s worked so well, Rob explained how Vanguard is leveraging Schoolrunner […]

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Fundraising Secrets Series: Crowdfunding for the Classroom

Watch the full webinar here! Here at Schoolrunner, we are committed to demonstrating the power of data. We believe that data can empower individuals across our schools to make a strong case to increase funds, however they choose to raise those funds. In our most recent webinar, fundraising expert Kristina Saccone compares and contrasts four popular crowdfunding […]

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Have Your Data & Eat It Too

Last month, we hosted our annual Data Institute in New Orleans and we were thrilled to hear some amazing presentations from a wide range of Schoolrunner users. We love it when our partner schools come to us looking for support with an idea they have for how to use Schoolrunner’s existing functionality in creative ways, […]

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Fundraising Secrets Series: Maximizing Facebook’s Fundraising Potential

How Facebook Can Be Your Next Great Fundraising Tool Watch the full webinar: here! Here at Schoolrunner, we provide you with the comprehensive data to make your case to funders on how increased investment can spark widespread student success. We also recognize the ongoing imperative to reach new funders that can support and scale your […]

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Fundraising Secrets (Webinar): How to Establish a Relationship with Your Local Funders

The Key to Successful Fundraising? Successful Relationship-Building Here at Schoolrunner, we provide you with the data you need as you’re building positive relationships with grant-makers. Positive relationships, though, also take time, commitment, and an effort to show that you care about their work. We discussed this topic in our latest Fundraising Secrets webinar, which you […]

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Grant Writing 201(Webinar): How to Create a Data-Driven Grant Narrative

One of the most important parts of a grant application is the narrative. It gives you a place to explain why your work matters and deserves funding. The strongest grant narratives combine storytelling with data, describing your work in a compelling, measurable, and actionable way. Get some tips on the do’s and don’ts in this […]

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(Webinar): Grant Writing 101

Applying for grants means more resources for your school, and in fact, many private foundations are interested in funding tools for classrooms, professional learning, and more. But, grant writing also can be a time consuming and daunting process. If you’ve been considering this route but aren’t sure where to start, this webinar will include a […]

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