Data Matters: What Schoolrunner Means for Your School

As a School Leader, you’re responsible for communicating the ins and outs of your district, network, and/or school’s activity. This information is an important reflection of your progress. It’s critical your data has integrity and directly relates to the initiatives you’re managing. It’s also essential that your numbers always remain up-to-date and accurate. Schoolrunner gives you the means to actualize your school’s story, calling attention to your growth and continued improvement. We make your data work for you!

Think of Schoolrunner as a solution that removes layers of complexity. Our goal is to give time and energy back to you and your staff. We take away the headache of working in multiple systems, the inordinate amount of time it takes to weed through spreadsheets, the hours teachers spend on tracking attendance and behaviors. Our school management system is designed to be intuitive and easy to implement, adding enormous value to your process by organizing the millions of intricacies involved in your day-to-day.

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The amount of data that lives in your systems can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to creating student-centric action from it all. You may already have access to relevant data, but the process involved in interpreting it can be lengthy and tedious. Schoolrunner integrates with your SIS and assessment tools so your data is clearly presented and you’re able to easily engage with it – in real time. Now you can keep track of academic performance, attendance, communication, behaviors, interventions, and so much more – all in one place!

“I was spending 45 hours a week getting teachers’ behavior notes into our system – teachers did not have time and we did not have the system to manage it. Schoolrunner has given me exponentially more time to focus on what truly matters.” Yen Nguyen, Data Analyst, RePublic Charter

Move the needle on student achievement using our ad-hoc, dynamic, and dashboard reports to identify relationships and pinpoint gaps. Schoolrunner lets you dive as deep as you need in order to explore trends and create personalized actions. In just a few clicks, you can pull up a quick analysis of students with multiple absences who are failing and have behavior issues, and then assign interventions to get them back on track.

Sit back and let our dedicated support team make your transformation into an evidence-based culture easy and effortless. Your personal Happiness Coordinator will walk you through initial setup and system training, and will remain available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Our expert support team has been celebrated for their quick responsiveness, and our extensive Knowledge Base contains a wealth of tutorials and documentation for staff and teachers to review on their own time, eliminating extra implementation strain.

Here at Schoolrunner, we’re invested in changing student outcomes, and we know that all the schools we work with are dedicated to this same goal. Our partner schools strive to achieve excellence, and they use Schoolrunner to evaluate and explore the inner workings of what success means to them. Our ambition is to make smart schools smarter by seamlessly integrating with your existing workflow and making it easy for you to use data to drive decisions. We support you in creating an information-rich environment, resulting in improved student outcomes and overall school success.



Every day is data day!