Classrunner & You: Bridging the Gap

At Schoolrunner, we believe that every kid deserves access to teachers who understand them. We also believe that every teacher deserves access to tools that provide a holistic view of student achievement. A clear picture leads to increased understanding of the student, which in turn means enhanced teaching strategies, better student outcomes, and loads of precious time saved. Our mission is to help you embrace data and create a more informed classroom. We recognize the shared responsibility of a child’s success, where teachers, administrators, parents, and students all play an important role. We can provide you with visibility, leading to greater accountability.

Our kids are well aware of the power of Schoolrunner … The conversation is no longer ‘I didn’t know’. This allows us to get to the root of a problem or know what is working with input from our students.” Gillian Quinn-Pineda, Founding School Leader, KIPP Northeast College Prep

Schoolrunner is a functional and straightforward student achievement engine. We help teachers gain valuable insight into their students before they even walk into the classroom. Within just one page, teachers can make changes to attendance and behavior, review grades, and communicate home. No computer nearby? No problem! All these activities can also be easily completed via our mobile app. Schoolrunner eliminates the need to access multiple tools to assess and record information. Let us become your one-stop shop for academic, attendance, behavior, and communication details.

I love Schoolrunner and I really like the mobile app. It makes parent phone calls and behavior tracking so much easier on the fly!” Naina Gonsalves, Reading Teacher, Austin Achieve

Schoolrunner frees up your time so you can get to know your students better, discuss the latest and greatest lessons with your peers, communicate with parents
, build and create a culture of ownership, create personal plans for kids that are struggling, help your principal become a more informed school leader, and dive as deep into your evidence as you need. Put simply, we make ownership of your data simple. Now you can create logical action based on your findings that will positively impact student performance. Our comprehensive school management system gives you all the information you need in a flexible, straightforward format so you can effectively create and tailor your lessons today and have enough time to do it all again tomorrow.

“Having the credentials to log in themselves has transformed the way that kids are engaged in their own education. Prior to having Schoolrunner, grades were kind of a nebulous thing … kids weren’t exactly sure what they were graded on, how to make up their grades, or what their grades even were. Once we started routinely using progress reports, Scholar Slips with grades on them, and scholar credentials, kids became aware of their performance and now take action to get the highest grades that they can.” Evan Stoudt, New Orleans Teacher of the Year (2015), Sci Academy

Get real-time facts   Validate your gut. Pinpoint significant relationships and track how your resulting actions have led to more efficient strategies and improved student outcomes. Watch your analyses update in real time as scores change and new information is entered.

Save more time   Quickly complete all your administrative and evaluative tasks. Simply click to change attendance, input assessment results, hover over student names for detailed profile information, review group details on your homepage, or visit a dashboard for student overviews.  Make the most of your time and the available information to close learning gaps.

Automate tasks   Create dynamic or static groups to quickly review student progress and assign behavior-related tasks. You can even save specific reports to review daily changes.

Enjoy more convenience   Live in one place. Use drop-downs, drag-and-drops, and intuitive features to get everything you need without a headache. Don’t see what you need? We offer numerous support tools to make your life easier.

Visual appeal   Interact with a simple and straightforward user interface. Configure your reports and choose your views and layouts in order to see as much or as little detail as you need. Are you a chart person? One click displays results in chart format. Prefer graphs? Click again to view your data in whichever way works best for you! Switch between report types and layouts to suit your preference.

Enhanced accountability   With Schoolrunner, everyone involved in a student’s achievement has access to the data they need. Students can take ownership as they see the impact of their attendance, behavior, and grades. Parents can view their child’s daily performance before they even make it home, and administrators can link school goals to activity occurring throughout the entire school.
We know the pressures involved in being evidence-based, and we also know the software fatigue teachers can experience to get there. We believe in the power of data, and we can help you master it with ease. Our goal is to empower teachers, schools, students, and parents through easy access and a common understanding of what impacts students achievement. Let us make your data work for you.  


Lauren D.

School Happiness Ambassador at Schoolrunner