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One Step Ahead – Teachers in the Know

Have you ever taken a quiz on pop culture and felt so behind? There’s a moment of disappointment quickly overshadowed by the recognition that being ‘on fleek’ is inconsequential. However, if we shift into the classroom, being in the know is crucial for teachers. It’s important not only to make sure scholars are progressing, but […]

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What Are Your Kids’ Media Habits?

Here at Schoolrunner, we love data visualizations. Sometimes in our internet travels we come across some really great ones, so we figure – why pass up an opportunity to share the knowledge? Hope you enjoy! Little Suzy’s at it again. It seems that every time you turn your head, her head is buried in her […]

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Teachers Talk: How Schoolrunner Fosters Parent Engagement

Sarah Butler, a Math and Science teacher at Choice Foundation’s McDonogh 42 Charter School in New Orleans, weighs in on the benefits of using Schoolrunner for connecting with parents about their children’s progress, while building parent-teacher relationships. With increased knowledge comes increased accountability, and once parents have access to student data, it’s easier for them to […]

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Schoolrunner and The Achievement School District: Fostering a Collaborative and Positive School Culture

Tennessee’s Achievement School District was created to fulfill the vision of taking the lowest-performing 5% of schools in Tennessee and bringing them into the top 25%. This vision includes preparing all students for college and career success while engaging families and community members in innovative ways. After an extensive search of school management systems, ASD […]

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Schoolrunner and KIPP Houston Northeast College Prep: A Cultural Reflection

KIPP Northeast College Prep opened its doors in June of 2013 to serve a growing community in need of a safe learning environment. With an emphasis on encouraging students to explore their talents and interests, KIPP Northeast College Prep continually assesses its students’ and teachers’ growth to ensure improvement, offering rigorous instruction to prepare students […]

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The Transformational Power of a Data-Informed Culture

In 2007, the city of New Orleans was working to recover from the shock of Hurricane Katrina two years earlier. The city was rebuilding, but many questions remained that needed answers. One of the most important was ‘How would the city rebuild its shattered school system’? Ben Marcovitz and other social entrepreneurs peered into the future of New Orleans and […]

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