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4 Ways to Spot At-Risk Students

At Risk If you want to explore the backcountry of the Colorado mountains, you must first learn to spot risk factors for the dangers of wild nature, like avalanches. Often it can be something seemingly small – a loud sound from afar, a fallen tree, or rambunctious wildlife that can cause a massive slide. This […]

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Core Value #3: Communication

Snaps for our third core value of communication! (‘Snaps’ is a page we’ve taken from our NOLA schools’ playbooks – clapping is so over.) We love memorable all-hands meetings that result in exciting new vision and direction, like the one we held to determine our core values and the direction of Schoolrunner culture. We are […]

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Administrator & Teacher Communication

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”— Rudyard Kipling Communication. When we’re doing it right, we learn, collaborate, and use that knowledge and collaboration to (hopefully) further the interests and benefits of the group as a whole. When we’re doing it wrong, miscommunication can lead to confusion, frustration, misunderstandings, lack of […]

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California Charter School Association | Quality Schools | Conference CliffNotes

Here at Schoolrunner, we often have team members flying around the country to attend interesting conferences on both education and edtech. Being the data-dorks that we are, we love taking notes on all the things we see and learn at these talks. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend California Charter School Association’s 2016 Conference in […]

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What Are Your Kids’ Media Habits?

Here at Schoolrunner, we love data visualizations. Sometimes in our internet travels we come across some really great ones, so we figure – why pass up an opportunity to share the knowledge? Hope you enjoy! Little Suzy’s at it again. It seems that every time you turn your head, her head is buried in her […]

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Teachers Talk: How Schoolrunner Fosters Parent Engagement

Sarah Butler, a Math and Science teacher at Choice Foundation’s McDonogh 42 Charter School in New Orleans, weighs in on the benefits of using Schoolrunner for connecting with parents about their children’s progress, while building parent-teacher relationships. With increased knowledge comes increased accountability, and once parents have access to student data, it’s easier for them to […]

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