Accountability: Why it’s Vital in Educational Technology

Accountability is the backbone of our team. It’s our second core value, and at Schoolrunner it helps to support all other core values.

Establishing oneself as a valued resource in the edtech community is a challenge, requiring you to prove your product has the substance to deliver on its promises. When the service you provide is essential to the daily operation of a school or group of schools, it’s easy to imagine that if you lose your accountability, you risk losing a lot more. As with all things tech, it’s awesome when it works (even magical!), and beyond frustrating when it doesn’t (keyboard – smash!). And like all things tech, inevitably there will be times where things just don’t work. It’s what comes next that adds up to accountability.


From Twitter’s Fail Whale to Apple’s spinning rainbow wheels, no technology is perfect, no matter how much we wish it were! That’s where our second core value of accountability comes in. We’re always iterating on how we can better be accountable to our schools when it matters most. As a startup, this is an exciting process that helps us to define who we are as a company.


The stakes are high at our schools: student outcomes – and by extension the future of those students – hang in the balance. Teachers and staff are doing the really hard work here, and they experience the importance of accountability every day in their classrooms.

At Schoolrunner, our team knows that when our schools can trust us to show our accountability when issues arise, we’ve done our job. Especially since our relationship with our schools goes beyond simply that of a school management system, or client and vendor: we are allies and partners in their students’ success. 

‘Accountable.’  It’s definitely not the sexiest adjective ever, but it’s a word that creates both trust and happiness between us and our partner schools.

Our team possesses the talent, skill, and flexibility to effectively diagnose and resolve issues when they occur. Our schools know this because we continue to deliver, time and time again. Accountability is a core value best shown in action, rather than promised or discussed. That being said, we talk about how we can improve our accountability almost every day. We take our Passion (our first core value) and add it to Accountability, in order to achieve great things.

It’s exciting to see an edtech team framing technical challenges from the school’s perspective. What’s the right answer now and for the future? Can we resolve the issue in a way that ensures it doesn’t come back again? Do we verify that everything’s fully resolved before we call an issue ‘Done’?

We don’t always have the answer to every question right away – like all great problems, it can take creative problem-solving and dedication to follow the issue down to its root. But we never stop trying, and we work hard to let our schools know that we’ve always got their back.

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Beth S.

Client Communications Specialist & School Happiness Coordinator at Schoolrunner

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